Monday, September 28

The 'Dakota' Clue...

This picture of Paul, John and Ringo was taken in New York City’s Central Park during The Beatles first visit to the United States on February 8, 1964. Some years ago I noticed something strangely ominous about the shot.

Much in the same way the Paul-is-Dead clues diverted attention from the real story behind The Beatles death clues, here once again we see Paul throwing attention away from what should be the true focus of the picture, The Dakota Apartments with John directly in the foreground. The Dakota Apartments would be the site of John’s murder some sixteen years later.

The picture recently resurfaced when it was posted on their official website,

Tuesday, September 1

Revolution 9 Backwards

Revolution 9 Backwards

"Revolution 9" was recorded for the White Album in May 1968. Opening words spoken in the song prove to foretell the date and the events of Tuesday morning, December 9, 1980 (Great Britain time). "number nine, number nine, number nine" When played backward, phonetically can be heard as "turn me on dead man" The reverse clip maintains a most fiendish tonal quality almost commanding. "turn me on dead man, turn me on dead man, turn me on dead man." "Turn me on dead man" is undeniably similar to the lyrics "I'd love to turn you on" from John's "A Day in the Life".