Sunday, March 25

'Holy War' on against Beatles 1966

On Friday, March 4, 1966, John Lennon’s statement “we’re more popular than Jesus now” was published in the London Evening Standard by Maureen Cleave under the title ‘How Does a Beatle Live’. The article drew little attention in Britain, but when part of the interview was published in the US Magazine Datebook on July 29, 1966 it set off a wave of protest in the Southern US Bible Belt that eventually spread around the US. Here are a few newspaper articles from 1966 and the fallout from John’s ‘we’re more popular than Jesus’ statement: see at


  1. very together beatle lp released in germany in 1969 has a candle abra of 4 candles with 3 lit and one snuffed. definitely a pid clue that plays into lennon's selling of soul acts of blasphemy

  2. I would like to stand up for John Lennon's Father. Its not nice when it is always said he abandoned John. He did not abandon John- he was taking him with him and at the last minute John ran back to his mum and the rest is history.