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Revelations to December 8 in the John Lennon composition Revolution 9

The song ‘Revolution 9’ on The Beatles White Album stands largely symbolic of the backwardness and hidden messages found in Beatles’ material. Revolution 9 was the spark that ignited the death clues of The Beatles. Written by John Lennon and recorded in June of 1968, John said Revolution 9 was “an unconscious picture of what I actually think will happen when it happens.” What’s heard in Revolution 9 both forward and backwards is a revelation to what occurred on the evening of December 8, 1980. A detailed analysis of Revolution 9 can be found in book The Lennon Prophecy but here are a few highlights and interpretations:

The piece opens with a monotone voice repeatedly saying ‘number nine’. It is the motif for the composition.

Revolution 9: “number nine, number nine, number nine…..”
When played backwards, phonetically ‘number nine’ can be heard as ‘turn me on deadman’.

Revolution 9: “…intended to pay/die for it.”
John can be heard saying ‘he intended to pay for it’, at the same time the word ‘pay’ in spoken, the word ‘die’ is overlaid. He intended to ‘pay/die’ for it - a fitting confession to his pact with the devil.

Revolution 9: “..on the third night… unfortunately”
Mark David Chapman arrived in New York City on Saturday, December 6th 1980. It was Monday night, on the third night of his visit he shot and killed John Lennon.

Revolution 9: “with the situation… they are standing still.”
John says ‘they are standing still’. Officer Pete Cullen, the first policemen to arrive at the crime scene said, "It was eerie running into that driveway. The cold felt colder. I was scared." Cullen said he was surprised by the lack of movement at the scene: “there was the doorman Jose, a building handyman and the killer Mark Chapman, all standing as if frozen.”

The final note from the song ‘A Day in the Life’ is used numerous times in the piece. Interestingly, in the song ‘A Day in the Life’ John sings, “I’d love to turn you on”. In ‘Revolution 9’ the backwards playing of ‘number nine’ maliciously states ‘Turn me on deadman’.

John can be heard making chocking, gurgling and moaning sounds as if he was wounded. There are sounds of flames from a raging fire followed by John making verbal sounds of pain and anguish with the sounds of gunshots overlain, all within a 10 second time frame.

Revolution 9: “Take this brother, may it serve you well”
John says “Take this brother may it serve you well.” Chapman said he killed John Lennon to capture his fame. One police detective commented, “It’s an old rule. You become as famous as the guy you kill. This kind of killing brings names closer together than marriage.”

The mood of the piece changes dramatically after this. The piece closes with a conversation between John and Yoko with John sounding dazed and confused.

YO: "Maybe then”
YO: "It's not that"
JL: "What, what..."
JL: "Oh.."
YO: "Maybe even then, you expose"

And it sounds like John is mumbling in the background, “It’s gonna be all right, it’s gonna be all right,” and a voice sings, “Good fishes again in the kettle.”

YO: "It's difficult to say..."
YO: "It's almost like being naked"

YO: “You become naked”
On the afternoon of December 8, 1980 John posed naked for photographer Anne Leibovitz. The photograph was eventually used for the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine.

There is a prophecy at the very end of Revolution 9. The song ends at a sporting event. John included a recording of a crowd at an American football game chanting ‘hold the line, hold that line, block that kick, block that kick’. The song fades out with the crowds chant ‘block that kick’. These are the last spoken words in Revolution 9 and the song ends.

It may be that fate played a role in the life of Alan Weiss on the evening of December 8, 1980. Alan was a producer for ABC-TV News in New York City. On the evening of December 8 he was involved in a motorcycle accident at 10 PM in Central Park and was taken to Roosevelt Hospital on 9th Avenue. Alan Weiss was lying in the emergency room when John Lennon was carried in by police officers. He reported the news to the ABC-TV News desk in New York City which in turn relayed it to ABC’s nationally televised Monday Night Football. The football game was being aired nationally on ABC between the Miami Dolphins and the New England Patriots. At the time the game was in the 4th quarter and tied 13 to 13 and New England’s kicker John Smith was attempting a field goal with 3 seconds remaining on the clock. It was then Howard Cosell made the announcement to the world that John Lennon was shot and killed in front of the Dakota Apartments in New York City. The kick was blocked and the game went into overtime (block that kick, block that kick, block that kick…)


  1. I Have a clue for you.
    I wrote it a book about PID some years ago.

    Be a T les(s)
    T = Cross = Crist

    Be a Cristless.

  2. ** Christ

    Sorry, I'm writing from the phone

  3. How many more interpretations of their songs can we create. One wackier than the next. " All you need is Love"

  4. was ANYTHING about Lennon and his songs NOT wacky?

  5. John Smith is the kicker in the video, forever linked to the announcement of John Lennon’s death. He hailed from the UK (born in Oxfordshire, England). And his name is a little curious also: John (John Lennon) and Smith (Mimi Smith, John’s aunt that raised him). The kick John Smith was attempting was blocked and the game went into overtime, Miami winning in the end.

  6. There may be more of a fight between good and evil over John Lennon's soul and the outcome for all following him and his music than you think. You are exposing the dark side. I believe there is a light side, and they're at war with each other.

    Check out

  7. "christ you know it aint easy
    you know how hard it can be
    the way things are going
    they gonna crucify me"

  8. This is a work in progress - "The Mysterious Man in Revolution 9 who Implored (Kill John Lennon)." Having read Niezgoda's book four times and Walter Everett’s 'The Beatles as Musicians" Parts One and Two (analyzing "Revolution 9", musically in Everett's book II. There is one horrifying and compelling 'clue'/taunt that is overlooked. The primary reason nobody is hearing this ONE COMPELLING AUDITORY CLUE is because of 'repression'. Satan represses the obvious. So that we're on the page go to youtube and search for "Revolution 9 - The Beatles (High
    Quality) Stereo" ---Pay attention to the left speaker image. At these time markings IN THE BACKGROUND there sounds like a man(Satan) commanding - 2:32 (KILL), 2:33 (JOHN), 2:34 (LENNON), Again from (KILL)@ 2:38, (JOHN)@2:39, (LENNON)@2:40...I was playing my discovery loudly to a very astute female musician, she told me to "turn it off" because she didn't want hear it? Continuing with the analysis - next is probably more compelling between the right and left channels there is a circus like atmosphere like being on a merry-go-round. But there is that nagging mysterious voice phased between the left and right speaker, at an emphatic (KILL @
    3:17), left speaker (JOHN @ 3:18) back to the left speaker (LENNON) @ 3:19. Then again the distance man's voice repeat KILL, JOHN, (3:22 - 3:24), then in the left speak just under (John and George's dialog) there is an empathic "Kill John Lennon" at 3:29-3:31) also at 3:41-3:44. I'll stop there. There is an extreme danger when dealing with Satan, one of his favorite things to do is mock and repress. We don't want to believe it - so as humans we repress.

    1. I've listened to it since it came out, but only after reading your comment heard the "Kill John Lennon" and very clearly. It sent shivers up my spine. What I also apparently heard before each "Kill John Lennon" was a voice saying "ssssshhhh".

  9. Interesting, can you give the link to that. There are many Revolution 9 on Youtube, is it:

  10. I haven't seen this mentioned. When John was DOA at the hospital, medical staff recall the Beatles "all my loving". What are the first words of the song..."close your eyes..."

  11. I haven't seen this mentioned. When John was DOA at the hospital, medical staff recall the Beatles "all my loving". What are the first words of the song..."close your eyes..."

  12. I haven't seen this mentioned. When John was DOA at the hospital, medical staff recall the Beatles "all my loving". What are the first words of the song..."close your eyes..."

  13. It was after John was pronounced DOA at Roosevelt Hospital that Alan Weiss, the ABC news reporter at the hospital and who relayed the news to the ABC news desk, that Alan said the song 'All My Loving' came on the hospital Musak system. Alan said it was surreal and 'a very freaky coincidence'. Interestingly, the first song the Beatles played in the USA on Ed Sullivan show in 1964 was 'All My Loving'.

    Close your eyes and I'll kiss you. Tomorrow I'll miss you.

  14. I have the Time Magazine issue from the week of Lennon's death (oddly the last issue before my subscription ran out). I keep the issue in new condition, sealed in plastic.
    I've always thought of it as my small bit of Beatles history.

    1. Have u heard the strange voice right before the begining of stand by me? I cant find much on it...but if u turn it up it says mark david chapman

  15. And i just found a monday night clip with cosell and lennon from 12/9/74!

  16. Yes, there is just Way Too Many coincidences here...Something is just NOT Right...AFTER 50 years the Beatles are STILL the Biggest and the Best. Much Bigger than Elvis, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Prince, U2, George Michael, etc, etc...AFTER 50 Years?? This is IMPOSSIBLE! Unless...??

  17. Right. Totally Agree. All is NOT as it appears. Hitler and his higher ups were involved in Black Magick and Satanism. This has been Confirmed without question. But, some of the 'clientel' that hung around in "Hell" The name of the bar in Hamburg that was often frequented by Astrid, Klaus, Jurgen...did they have any relation to Hitler's Cabal??

  18. Please, watch the movie BEAT STREET about Stu Sutcliff and the Beatles in Hamburg, Germany. Very odd Subtle hints and references...

  19. Jon Esparza, you sure u got that name beat street right? Cause I could only find the 84 movie about breaking and rap

  20. The Leibovitz photo depicts John Lennon as an incubus. Demonic.