Sunday, January 26

The Beatles in NYC’s Central Park on February 8, 1964 and the Dakota Apartments

A Notable Early Beatles’ Death Clue

The Beatles first arrived in the United States on February 7, 1964. They were staying at the Plaza Hotel on 5th Avenue in Central Park South. On Saturday, February 8, they were taken into New York City’s Central Park on a photo shoot. A number of photographs took on that day show The Beatles in Central Park West around the area of The Lake with the Dakota Apartments displayed prominently behind them, and the area of Central Park now known as Strawberry Fields (the red dot marks the location of the Dakota Apartment).

The stars aligned for The Beatles following their February visit to the United States and the massive worldwide success that followed. The stars may have also aligned for John Lennon in a subtle way showing the site of his violent death in 1980.


John Lennon moved into the Dakota Apartments in April of 1973 and it would be the site of his murder exactly 16 years, 10 months after these photographs were taken (from Saturday, February 8, 1964 to Monday, December 8, 1980).

Another photograph (by Bill Eppridge)