Wednesday, May 13

“Help Me To Help Myself”

In one of John Lennon’s last compositions he sings a remorseful petition to the Lord. One can almost sense the anxiety expressed for what he had done and for what lie ahead in his not so distant future. The song is titled, “Help Me to Help Myself,” first released 20 years after his death on the Double Fantasy CD, October 9, 2000. John sings about being hounded by the Angel of Destruction; how in his heart they [the Lord] never really parted, and how he was never satisfied.

Like many of those who enter into a pact with the Devil they are aware of their allotted time, and as the time of the pact draws to a close, they begin to feel remorse, and start looking for a way out of their fatal pact. In this final song we hear John pleading with the Lord, “I’m asking this question in the hope that you’ll be kind, please help me Lord, help me to help myself.” In the song John uses the old adage ‘the Lord helps those who help themselves’. Was he hoping for a way out of his pact?

Eerily, if you listen closely, in the final moments of the song John can be heard talking to himself in a faint voice, saying, “I see, that’s how you’re going to do it, Huh, ok.” What could John possibly be talking about, “That’s how you’re going to do it,” DO WHAT?

If anyone has another interpretation, we’d be interested to hear what you have to say!

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