Tuesday, May 12


John Lennon, "The first backward tape on any record anywhere." When 'Rain' was released as a single, the U.K. advertisement used the 'butcher cover' photograph to promote the record. It was an eerie combination: crumbled baby-doll bodies depicting infanticide, blood and raw meat, together with words and music played backward. Backwardness, is commonly associated with demons and the occult, whether it be in fiction, literature or fringe religious practices. Ringo Starr later commented, "I think it's the best out of all the records I've ever made. 'Rain' blows me away. It's out of left field. I know me and I know my playing, and then there's 'Rain'." In Beatles Anthology he said, "The drumming on 'Rain' stands out for me because I feel as though that was someone else playing - I was possessed."

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