Saturday, April 21

Many Paul-Is-Dead Clues don’t add up

If we look at the clues referring to the death of Paul and his replacement in the band, there are many that don't come together in a way that makes sense.

A history of the Paul-Is-Dead rumor can be found in the book Turn Me on Dead Man by Andru J. Reeve. In the book Reeve’s raises a number of questions.

Was it just, “The most stupendous and elaborate hoax in the history of the world.”

Messages of morbid ‘clues’ of death splashed over Beatles’ LP’s. Should we look at these clues a little harder?

Either Paul is dead or something is going to happen. Why would fans expend so much time and energy, obsessively searching for death clues?

The question remains, what are the albums saying? Why have the Beatles had this fetish about death and accidents?

Many (most) of the clues can be interpreted just as easily as chance happenings. But when taken together in their totality, they insinuate the death of only one Beatle.

Radio host Jefferson Kaye pinned the blame on one Beatle in particular. “One thing all these clues have in common is this: they bare the hand of a man who has a grotesque sense of humor. They bare the hand of a man who’s capable of quick changes of action, and motion, and mind. They bare the hand of a man who has made a study of the cultures of death. They bare the unalterable hand of John Lennon.” (Reeve, page 80-81).

On November 3, 1969, Brian Penry in the University of Massachusetts, Boston, magazine Mass Media, Vol. IV No. 6, listed 118 Paul-Is-Dead clues. The above clip lists clue 84 to 87:

84. University of Hartford researchers say the Bible implies the realization of the Devil of the Devil’s No. 1 disciple amongst mankind 2000 years after the death of the Messian, (Christ).
85. The say a more accurate span is as we will know it, 1974.
86. Jesus Christ was said to be 33 when he was crucified.
87. Lennon and or McCartney and or Shears (whoever is posed will be 33 in 1974 ironically).

Paul McCartney was born on June 18, 1942. Paul did not turn 33 until June of 1975.

John Lennon was born on October 9, 1940.  John turned 33 in October of 1973 and was 33 for a little over 9 months in 1974.

This is one clue that cannot be interpreted as a Paul-Is-Dead clue.


  1. Of course not all PID clues add up. They are not all necessarily clues; and even if all proposed clues added up, proving PID in fact, must be done forensically.

  2. They don't add up cos it was a joke that the Beatles were having!